The church is using an online web site to create, view, and print our church phone directory. The directory may be accessed by going to to view and update member information. The directory may also be downloaded as a PDF file for viewing, printing, and saving. There are many features in using an online directory. The features include:

  • Viewing the directory using a mobile phone or computer

  • Members can print the directory; upload photos, and change their information

  • Security features are built-in to prevent stolen data

  • It's cost-effective.

The information below contains videos and steps to:

  • Create an account

  • Change or add information

  • Upload photos

  • Print the directory

  • View the directory using a mobile phone or computer

  • Saving the printable version.

The Church Phone Directory

Creating an Account
​First Time Log-in
Change, Add Information
​and Upload Photos

Information from the 2020 church directory has been uploaded to the Instant Church Directory site. In order to view the directory using a computer or mobile phone, a member needs to have a valid e-mail address. Member e-mail addresses in the 2020 directory have been uploaded. Anyone who wishes to have online access whose e-mail was not in the 2020 directory will need to contact the church office and supply the address so that it may be added to the site. The video below explains the steps to log-in for the first time and create an account.

The video below shows the steps to take to add or change member information after the account has been created. It also shows how to upload photos

Printing the Directory
Viewing the Directory

For people who do not have an e-mail address or a way to connect to the Internet, the church will print and distribute the directory for them.
For those with an e-mail address and have logged into the directory web site, click on the link below (DOWNLOAD DIRECTORY PDF). The directory is in PDF format and will open in the browser. It is password protected. There are two printing options for the directory. One type is an 8.5" by 11" printout. The other is a 5.5" by 8.5" booklet. Choose the type of printout you want. Instructions for printing the directories are found in the videos below.

There are three ways to view the directory. To view it using a computer or a mobile phone (iPad, Kindle, etc.), log into Another way of viewing it is by downloading the Directory PDF file.

  • using a computer is limited to viewing the family roster information. There are also navigation buttons to view staff, groups, birthdays, and anniversaries. Clicking the e-mail address allows an e-mail to be sent.

  • using a mobile phone not only allows viewing the above information, but one can place a phone call by tapping on the phone number. E-mails may be sent from the phone by tapping on the e-mail address. Tapping on the street address will show a map with directions.

  • Directory PDF allows for a more complete view of all the included components. Once the directory is downloaded scrolling down the pages permits one to view staff, leadership members, church leadership teams, Sunday School classes, budget, family roster, and other relevant information.

Saving the Directory

For those people with an e-mail address and Internet access, they may save the directory PDF file to their computer or mobile phone. The file can not be saved to a Kindle device. Instructions for saving the PDF are in the video below.

UPDATED June 12, 2024